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Painter Or Painters Wanted

For at least the summer of 2020/2021


If you are the successful applicant your work brief will mainly consist of preparation which includes but is not limited to

  • Sanding

  • Hole stopping

  • Gap filling

  • Wallpaper and paint stripping etc

  • And maybe some undercoating.

  • Scaffold erecting and dismantle


Other requirements but not limited to

  • Experience is not required but helpful

  • All tools will be supplied

  • Punctuallity, drugs and drinking before and on the job goes without saying 

  • Must be able to work in a team enviroment

  • You will be employed on a Casual Contract.

Don't bother applying if you cant take direction, on your phone every 5 minutes, have a sook if you get a growling (harden the F*#K UP or go), breath armpits or any other part of you that smells like a long drop, if your of a certain demograchic that went through school where everyone got a "participation certificate", then went on to uni and got turned into a woke pussy and leave with an overwhelming sense of entitlement, where the world owes you and have a degree in "shit I know everything, I'm right your wrong and your opinion doesn't matter but you must respect mine and I'll scream you down until you do", virtue signal your arse off to be with the in crowd, only to find that the "real world" is a scary place without mummy and daddy, barely last 2 weeks then chuck it in blaming climate change, colonization, racism.

So if your one of these people I'm guessing your SOOOO OUTRAGED!!!! by now that you can barely contain yourself and jump on Twitter to tell the world how "offended" you are and this ad is a "micro aggression". I will be your boss not your buddy, respect me, my team and my client and you will gain respect in return.

So lets keep it real, this is not a glamorous job with a pay rate that reflects the tasks listed above, don't expect top dollar when you first start, in fact apply that to any other jobs you apply for because thats how things work in the real world, start at the bottom and work your way up. So please think about this carefully before applying so yours and more importantly, my time is not wasted.

Jason Hutchinson

Business Owner

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