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Terms and Conditions

All work shall be carried out in line with Worksafe nz’s Good Practice Guidelines


A - Colours , Coverage  & Extra's  

  1. Colours chosen that require more than 2 standard decorative topcoats for absolute coverage on any substrate, will be charged as an extra.

  2. Colours chosen off a non white base, before and after accepting the quote, will be charged as an extra.

  3. Skirting boards and walls are priced to be painted the same colour & gloss finish. If the client requests the skirting to be painted in a different colour and or gloss finish to the wall, this will be charged as an extra.

  4. Exterior Weatherboards. It is a complete unknown when painting over existing paint on a substrate, may bubble when topcoats are applied. If so spot tests will be required before recommencing with the project. If all testing fails a complete strip will be needed, this will be charged as an extra to the customer. Again we need to express that bubbling is an unknown.

​  5. Work requested outside the quote will be charged accordingly.

C - Upfront Deposit & Progress Payments

  1. A 1/3rd upfront payment is required before starting, 1/3rd at 50% completion of work with the final 1/3rd on 100% completion and sign off of job.

  2. A payment schedule may be drawn up if required before commencement of the job.

  3. Quote valid for 30 days from date above.


D - Advertising

  1. The client must agree to Painters Plus erecting an advertising core flute sign 900mm x 700mm, for the duration of the job and in site of public traffic.


E - Static Scaffolding  

  1. Scaffolding will be erected to Worksafe nz’s Good Practice Guidelines for Working at Height.

  2. All care will be taken to protect gardens, paths, decks etc. However, the customer is to remove items pointed out by Painters Plus that may hinder or become damaged during the erection of the scaffold.

  3. If an item cannot be removed to erect the scaffold, an extra cost may incur, if an unreasonable time consuming alternative has to be made.

  4. While erected, the scaffold cannot be moved or dismantled by anyone other than Painters Plus.

  5. Apart for a life or death situation, if for any reason the customer requests that they need all or sections of the scaffold to be dismantled and re-erected to its original placement, this will incur an extra cost.


F - Terms of Payment

  1. Invoices  that state "Upfront or Progress Payments" must be paid within 3 days from date of invoice

  2. Invoices  that state "Final Payment" are strictly net and payable 7 days from the date of the invoice.

  3. Painters Plus Dargaville Ltd at its discretion, reserves the right to implement interest charges on accounts outstanding beyond the credit terms.

  4. A surcharge of 5% of the value of the invoice may be implemented if the payment due remains outstanding for a period of greater than 7 days after the date of the invoice.

  5. After 21 days the rate of interest charged shall be 20% per month.

  6. If a debt recovery agency is required, the customer will incur the agencies recovery costs, in addition to the outstanding invoice.

  7. By signing the quote and/or, letting Painters Plus Dargaville Ltd proceed without signing, you have agreed to the terms & conditions, therefore entering into a legal binding contract.

G - Travel Charge (Daily Charge) OPTIONAL

    1. For jobs where the travel time exceeds 45 minutes, a charge for time travelled one way will incur meaning, for each worker that travels to any job on any day, that worker will be entitled to be paid for half an hour of thier hourly rate, plus the standard per kilometre return charge. 

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